Admission to the Bullring will have a charge every day this year

For reasons of safety and security during Sanfermin, a charge of 3 euros for all adults and of one euro for children, will be made on all those who wish to enter the bullring to watch the Running of the Bulls. Up to this year, there had been no charge for entry during weekdays. However, this year, for the first time, due to increased costs in security measures, it was decided to enforce an entry charge for all the days of the bullrunnings.

The increase in safety measures and an increase in personnel to ensure these safety measures, means an increase in costs. Both the Government and City hall authorities wish to prevent people from throwing any kind of objects into the arena and this has forced the Casa de Misericordia entity to defray the increased costs by imposing a price on the entry tickets for the bullring which is now 3 euros for all adults and 1 euro for children who wish to take a seat inside the bullring to watch the Running of the Bulls, explained representative, José María Marco García-Mina from the “Comisión taurina”.