Sanfermin suena a reggae

Kukuxumusu once again this year marks its collaboration with Songfermin, with a contribution to this project that sets out to find musical forms and styles that are different to the traditional musical offers found in Sanfermin. This year the protagonists are “Soñadores Natos”, a local band from Pamplona with a reggae rhythm for their theme piece “Iruña Party Time” as they cover different corners of Pamplona showing their singular concept of what Sanfermin means to them. La Taconera, La Vuelta del Castillo, The Old Quarter and the city walls are just some of the scenarios chosen to display the free spirit and multicultural aspect of the fiestas. A song that invites everyone to have a good time, to have fun and it will surely become a background piece for many Sanfermin scenes over these following days.

This theme now joins a growing list of the Songfermin Project such as “Kalimotxo de Mamá” by Pablo Carbonell, “Testis Rap” from Zyro, “Vente” from Ncrisis or “El Beso de la Pulga” from Gualitxo. The video may be seen at You Tube and it can be freely downloaded and copied from here in order to be used at fiestas and in bars and Peña clubs.

Photos from the 11th