© Javier Martínez de Lapuente

Sanfermin never gets stopped by water

The fiesta of Sanfermin, once it takes off, becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to stop. It has to be said, that the climate does not know much about fiestas and partying and it is capable of unloading its heavy rain over Pamplona, whenever it pleases. On those days of rain and water during Sanfermin, the public begin to wonder if the bullfights will be suspended… if Estafeta Street will dry out before the start of the morning bullrunnings… or whether the party revelers will have been able to get some sleep on the park lawns around the city… But nobody doubts that the party will go on, rain, hail or snow. And the morning dawn reveals a pile of plastic raincoats, colorful umbrellas and lots of black plastic garbage bags on the streets of the city and so the party continues to roll on within its rain tires.

Imagen from Javier Martínez de la Puente.