Se puede ver en la imagen al cantante del grupo de rock AC/DC, Brian Johnson, con Rudi Goroskieta, presentador radiofónico de Pamplona. Johnson aparece con su gorra clásica y Goroskieta con una amplia melena rizada. Ambos llevan pañuelo rojo de Sanfermin.

Do you know that AC/DC had the Sanfermin necktie put on them?

Can you image AC/DC with a Sanfermin necktie on? Well, there is no need to try to image it, but the photos make it pretty clear. In this image we can see Brian Johnson alongside Rudy Goroskieta, program commentator for Rockefor radio – now known as radio In 1996, Rudy was the presenter of Cadena 100 of the same program. Thanks to Rudy himself we learned about this story which he himself has described as “The wildest moment in his life” and which end up with a red Sanfermin necktie being put around the neck of the members of this legendary Australian rock band.

Let’s go back to July, 1996 when there was an initiative undertaken by Cadena 100 radio and Planet Rock to take 20 coaches from Pamplona to Madrid to see AC/DC play live right in the middle of Sanfermin fiestas. The Aussie group was going to play over four nights in Madrid as part of their “Ballbreak Tour” and they opened up on the 10th of July – a special day also because it was planned to film them with David Mallet as director, so as to create a DVD of their world tour. As the concert was being held within a bullring, the promotion slogan read “NO BULL” and the poster showed a bullfighter making a pass of his cape with the guitarist from the group, Angus Young.

The Las Ventas bullring was packed with fans but the group could not help but notice a large number of fans were wearing red neckties – those who had come from Pamplona on the 20 coaches. The band members asked the producer why all these people were wearing red neckties. The producer explained to them that those members of the public had come down from Pamplona, which was just then having its bullrunnings in the middle of their annual fiestas . When they heard this, the group members wanted to immediately meet some of the fiestas fans and they called Rudy Goroskieta up. As Rudy himself puts it: “Suddenly I found myself in front of the band. I tied on a red necktie around each member of the group and I felt like I was the mayor of the city for a moment. They even asked me about the KOMA T-shirt which I was wearing. Then, they started asking me about the running of the bulls, the bulls, the fiestas…I WAS BLOWING MY MIND OUT OVER THE WHOLE SCENE…”

And that is how AC/DC ended up with the Sanfermin necktie around their necks.

Rudy Goroskieta con Angus Young en Madrid en 1996.
Rudy Goroskieta with Angus Young in Madrid in 1996.