¿Puede un Gnomo escapar de un encierro de Sanfermin?

Travelocity.com has launched its latest commercial campaign under the title “Go & Smell The Roses” and this includes five short videos showing intense experiences undertaken by its lead character, a garden gnome (Roaming Gnome). The video emulates the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and the gnome manages to come out of the running in good shape despite the fact that the bulls get pretty close. The message which is coming from this commercial campaign is that “you will never survive a running of the bulls unless you take part in one”, and the travel firm Travelocity.com then offers to bring you to Sanfermin 2013.

This travel campaign “Go & Smell The Roses” also takes the garden gnome to the fiesta of colors in India, to the beach or offers to be your travel agent for adventures of all kinds and to take you to where the action is, without any hassle so as to enjoy them live and in their real milieu. This is yet another example of the potential of Sanfermin and the running of the bulls and how this event continues to be considered as one of the most interesting travel offers to be found in the entire world.