Proyecto Salvavidas para Sanfermin 2012, “Pamplona Ciudad Cardioprotegida”

“Pamplona-Iruña, heart-protection” is a campaign which will turn the streets of Pamplona into a safer place during the coming Sanfermin fiestas. With the arrival of the fiestas, the city houses an enormous number of visitors and the possibility of heart-attack cases rise dramatically. 30 defibrillating gadgets will be located at different points across the city and made available for the use of the general public. It is hoped that they will provide fast resuscitation in cases of heart attack being suffered by citizens. These life-saving heart resuscitation location points will be indicated by signs and they will also have personnel at hand who have been trained in the use of these life-saving gadgets on all the premises which are collaborating in this campaign.

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A technology application called “Cardiac Rescue Point”has also been designed for all kinds of Smartphone and this will permit the location of the nearest defibrillating machine. In addition, the “lifesaving bracelet” which has been designed by Kukuxumusu, will go towards helping to finance the defibrillating machines which will remain in the city after the fiestas of San Fermín come to a close.