Derrick Rose driblando a un torero que se luce con la verónica

A Sanfermin salute of red neckties for the famous basketball player from the NBA, Derrick Rose

“Unleash the bull” – is the slogan from Adidas, for its new campaign starring Derrick Rose, and which aims to associate the strength of the fighting bull with the firm’s sports footwear and with the popular basketball player from the Chicago Bulls

The famous professional basketball player, Derrick Rose, stars in this latest publicity spot for Adidas and which shows him dribbling past two bullfighters on horseback as well as a couple of matadors before scoring in the basket inside a crowded bullring. When he scores the crowd roars in approval and start waving their red Sanfermin neckties as well as throwing roses into the arena, which epitomize the surname Rose of the basketball star from the Chicago Bulls. Currently, Derrick Rose is the most valued player in the prestigious NBA as a professional player. In 2011 he received this award (NBA Most Valuable Player Award) and he is the youngest ever player to receive this honor, and that even includes the mythical Michael Jordan.

Derrick Rose entre dos jinetes de rejones en una plaza de toros ©adidasbasketball
Derrick Rose entre dos jinetes de rejones en una plaza de toros ©adidasbasketball

The campaign has been presented in the page from Facebook de adidas basketball under the title “Unleash the bull” – and it seeks to unite the value of the strength of the fighting bull with the sports footwear and the player from the Chicago Bulls. This TV spot applauds the grip of these latest sports sneakers being worn by Derrick Rose, made by Adidas and given the trademark name of AdiZero and which have been specially modified to suit him. In the video, the player is seen making several swerves and dodges without losing his footing thanks to his skill and the footwear he is using. The video imitates a Sanfermin bullfight without bulls and without any violence where the only “beast” is Rose and where he can outdo the matadors or even the horseback bullfighters all on his own.

The firm behind the idea of the video is Agency 180 from Los Angeles and the recording has been directed by Stacy Wall from Imperial Woodpecker. Post-production of the video was carried out by The Mill.