Paella, ninot y mascletá en el IV Jai Day

The Fallas from Valencia will this year feature as the fiestas to be honored and paid homage in this IV edición del Jai Day, which the Kukuxusmusu Drawing Factory has organized at 7.00 p.m. this evening in the Baluarte square in the center of Pamplona.

The celebration, which is open to everyone, will begin this evening with the installation of the four-meter-high ninot built by the experienced Falla carpenter, Vicente Tornador, in his workshop in Burriana. There will also be two giant-sized paellas cooked by the restaurant owner in Valencia, Rafael Vidal. These will two of the main ingredients of this homage as well as the particupation of the brass band – the Banda Sinfónica from the Casa Regional de Valencia in Navarra.

While the ninot is being installed, which will be formed by the figure of a bull and a runner of the bulls, designed by Kukuxumusu, the chef, Rafael Vidal, well-known for his work in standarding a recipe for paella from Valencia, will begin to make his classic rice dish. Hopefully, everyone who comes along will get a taste of his finished paella. In addition, the Brass Band from the Casa Regional de Valencia in Navarra will enliven processings and the Amstel brewry will offer free beer to the public.

The homage will come to an end at nine thirty in the evening when the firecrackers are set off and tthe burning of the ninot takes place

Everyone is welcome!

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