Padilla, rey de Pamplona

Juan José Padilla is the uncrowned king. Today in the bullring he showed that he is a special bullfighter for the Pamplona Bullring.  The public were right behind him all the way and he responded with a fine piece of bullfighting with his second bull. It seemed he would get two ears but, in the end, was awarded only one by the president. In any case, as he already had been awarded one ear for his first bull, the main gate was opened in his honor. He was carried out shoulder high as was the other bullfighter, Iván Fandiño, who had got two ears for his first bull with a great display. Just a few days after his dramatic tossing, this bullfighter was carried out shoulder high alongside the king. Padilla, King of Pamplona.

13th July (18. 30 p.m.) Fuente Ymbro
Juan José Padilla. Ear and ear
Miguel Ángel Perera: silence and applause
Iván Fandiño: two ears and applause

Reportaje fotográfico: Maite H. Mateo

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