Padilla, el rey de la fiesta

Pamplona received the matador, Juan José Padilla, like a hero on his return to the Pamplona bullring after the spectacular goring that he suffered last October when he lost one of his eyes and mobility to a part of his face. To the shouts of “!Qué huevos tienes!” the Peña clubs gave him a big welcome to the arena with of shouts of “Illa, illa, illa, Padilla maravilla” or “Tú si que vales”.

The bullfighter from Jerez strengthened his resolve and gave the packed bullring what it was waiting for and what he can do best. The Peñas in a rare gesture asked for silence for his final stroke with the bull and euphoria broke lose after he killed the first bull. The whole bullring stood up and applauded and loud cheering came from the sunny side of the ring. Padilla was carried around the ring shoulder high as wigs, neckties, wine sacks, fans and flowers were all thrown into the ring. One of the Peña club members dressed up in eye patches and with pirate flags and they presented him with one of their banners which he carried off among loud cheers and applause. With his second bull he was awarded one ear which meant that he could be carried shoulder high out by the main entrance to the bullring, amid the loud acclaim of the public.

The other successful matadors at this year’s Pamplona 2012 Bullfights were Jiménez Fortés with the Fuente Ymbro bulls, and Ivan Fandiño and David Mora with “El Pilar” bulls.