Napardi awards the Gallico de Oro 2014 to Enrique Zelaya

The Napardi Gastronomic Society in Pamplona has chosen Enrique Zelaya, a specialist in folklore from Navarra, to receive the Gallico de Oro 2014. This prestigious Gallico de Oro award has been annually bestowed over the past 29 years to a person from Navarra whose work in the spheres of science, culture, arts, humanities or sports, has stood out for its excellence. This year, the theme of folklore in Navarra has been chosen for the award and, more particularly, the work of Enrique Zelaya. This man is particularly well-known for his work in reviving the Carnival Festivity in the town of Alsasua. The award will be handed over on the 10th of July, at 14.30 p.m. in the premises of this distinguished Society.

Alfonso Gamboa, current President of Napardi, has declared that on the 7th of June, for the first time, the club will open its doors at Jarauta 2, to the general public with the aim of generating some funds for charity. The income will go to APRODEMM (Association for the Rights of Abused Woman), which is undergoing some economic difficulties due to cutbacks arising from the current recession.

The President has stated that it is the intention of the Club Napardi as well as the Napardi Foundation to continue over these coming years with this charity event and to distribute the funds obtained among different associations that might be suffering from financial difficulties.