Miura, sinónimo de peligrosidad

For more than 30 years this bull-ranch from Seville has been continuously coming to the Sanfermin bullfighting week. The original founder of this bull-breed was from Navarra. So these bulls are regular visitors and always especially welcomed for the morning running of the bulls because they look so big and tend to feature in some spectacular runnings.

Over the past years, these bulls have gained in velocity and danger, and they are becoming a bigger risk when it comes to gorings as well. In all their participations before the year 2000 they only ever registered one goring. From between 2000 and 2012, there have been eleven. In the last few years, if a Miura becomes detached from the group, it is a very dangerous bull. They do not get tired and they can keep up all their strength all along the whole stretch and thus all their danger intact.

On the 8th of July, 1977 these bulls featured in their only mortal incident when they created a big pile-up of crushed bodies at the entrance to the Bullring.  As a consequence of this situation, the young runner, José Joaquín Esparza Sarasibar, of just 17 years of age, died to become the youngest death recorded in the history of the running of the bulls.

Miura has become synonymous with large, fast and dangerous. Perhaps, that is why they have featured in the final running of the bulls of this year – to keep the excitement high right to the very end.