Rueda de Prensa Ayuntamiento

Less people this year and an increase in fines in the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls

A good atmosphere in the street and a praiseworthy attitude on the part of the citizens are two of the most remarkable aspects of Sanfermin 2014.

However, this year, in spite of the reduction in the number of visitors to Sanfermin, there was a 12% increase in the number of reports for theft and robbery and there were 54 more cases of fighting in the streets than in 2013. On the other hand, a very positive item of data is the results of the campaign against sexism. Thanks to the social backing given to this campaign, only five cases of harassment took place, two less than last year and there were no cases of rape or aggression reported.

Mayor, Enrique Maya, spoke on 5 key questions about this year’s fiestas, among these the lower attendance at programmed activities (some 18% less than in 2013); the satisfactory outcome of the new norms relating to the Running of the Bulls; the positive united backing of the citizens of Pamplona to the campaign against Sexual Harassment during fiestas; the positive acceptance of the campaign to improve the image of Sanfermin both nationally and internationally; and finally, some negative aspects such as the attacks on Municipal representatives in Curia Street and the increase of 12% in police reports of robbery and theft.

As for the increase in the number of security measures and the fines imposed during the Running of the Bulls, a total of 26 fines were imposed, 25 of these for serious offenses:

– Fifteen fines for using video reproducers during the Running of the Bulls
– Five fines for touching or citing the bulls.
– One fine for running towards the Bulls and invading their space.
– One fine for throwing objects onto the course when the Running of the Bulls event
had finished.
– Two fines for acts which made the normal performance of the Running of the Bulls more difficult to carry out.
– A light fine for standing in a corner on the course of The Running of the Bulls.

The idea of preserving some of the fencing at the old Casa Seminario on a year-round basis is being considered. For the moment, the fencing will remain up until September in homage to runners who were killed in The Running of the Bulls down the years.

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