Los Victorianos, a limpio cuernazo

The Victoriano del Rio bulls have constantly run at a very fast pace in their 3 previous Sanfermin appearances at the running of the bulls and today proved no exception to the rule. The bulls covered the whole course in just 2 min. 14 sec. This has been the fastest running so far in Sanfermin 2013 and the fastest ever made by this bull-breed.

The bulls caused several frights along the way with blows from their fast-moving horns but luckily, there were no gorings.

The pack ran the whole course in a tight formation, making it difficult for the runners to find any space close to the horns of the bulls. One of the bulls slipped up at the Telefónica stretch and it took 8 seconds longer to reach the pens than the other bulls and creating some anxious moments on this final stretch but without any serious mishaps.

This fast running of the bulls resulted in just 2 runners being taken off to hospital suffering from contusion and bruising. One of them got hurt at the Santo Domingo stretch and the other at Telefónica.