Los Alcurrucén no embisten

The fifth participation of this bull-breed from Toledo featured in a running of the bulls without causing any important incidents. This is something which habitually occurs with this Alcurrucén bull-breed, which rarely threatens the runners. Except for some falls and trip-ups in Santo Domingo and in Estafeta Street, which caused 4 slight injuries, the first running of the bulls of 2013 has been pretty clean, despite the massive weekend presence of runners.

The whole run lasted 4min. 06sec. and this has been the longest ever from these Alcurrucén bulls at Sanfermin. The bulls stayed pretty close together at the outset of the run but at the Mercaderes stretch one of them fell behind and remained a straggler for the rest of the course. This bull took one and a half minutes longer to enter the bullring as it pulled up and turned on the runners near the entrance to the bullring. This caused some moments of potential danger but the bull did not attempt to charge the runners. Its meekness and docility avoided any tragedies from taking place.