La serie online “Soñar es gratis” calienta los ánimos para Sanfermin

Yesterday, with just six days to go before the  Txupinazo opening rocket is set off and which will taint the streets of Pamplona in white and red colors, the online  series “Dreaming comes free” has premiered its latest episode under the title  “Ya falta menos”, based on the fiestas of Sanfermin. This episode is the third one of the third season of this series which was created by a group of young entrepreneur from the world of audio visual. The growing excitement and longing for the start of fiestas on the part of most of the local population is portrayed and which comes to a pitch in the final days leading up to the opening of fiestas.

Each episode of the series is a small movie in itself (most are silent movies) which show different everyday situations through actions with a universal language. As the creators of “Dreaming comes free” are from Pamplona, there just had to be an episode about San Fermín in the series. “It is a mixture of the typical events that everyone knows about Sanfermines and events that only the local people know about”, points out Axier Gonzalez, one of the people responsible for the video and who has counted on the collaboration of Kukuxumusu and for this particular episode.

More than one viewer will feel a special tingle on watching this small movie, particularly when we know that there is less than a week left before Sanfermin takes off. “¡Ya falta menos”! (Not long to go!)