Javier Erice a la derecha y el cartel de kilikón a la izquierda. Javier le saca la burla con la mano abierta coloca en la nariz al cartel, donde un niño realiza la misma postura a Caravinagre

Kilikón, from Javier Erice, is the winning poster to announce the 2015 Sanfermin Fiestas

Javier Erice Larumbe and his poster creation, entitled Kilikón, will announce the 2015 Sanfermin fiestas. His creation received 1, 511 votes from a total of 5, 124 votes cast by the citizens of Pamplona which gave him a percentage of 29, 4% of the total votes. From the votes cast on Internet by voters from the municipal census list, Kilikón was the first option with 1, 098 votes with a margin of 362 votes over “Mogollón”, poster number 7, which was created by Carlos García López from Barcelona. The winning poster from Erice was also the first option, although with a tighter margin, from among those who cast their vote in person at the Civivox municipal premises, belonging to Pamplona City Hall, with 398 votes as compared with the 354 votes received by the poster “Mogollón”.

In the open survey carried out online by Sanfermin.com, in which it was not necessary to be on Pamplona city census list, Kilikón achieved an even higher margin over the rest of the entrants where the winning poster was given 44% of the total number of votes cast. However, outside Pamplona, the Mogollón” poster proved to be less popular and the two best runner-up posters were those of “La despedia de los Gigantes” and “8 días de blanco y rojo”.

At the press conference today, the Mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya, wished to underline the fact that for him personally, it was a thrill to know that the winning poster, with its image of Caravinagre, will feature as the official poster to announce the fiestas of  Sanfermin this coming July. It was equally satisfying to find that the author was a local man from Pamplona. It was also satisfying to see that the participation in the voting this year had improved on that of last year with a total of 5,124 votes cast – 47.4% more than in 2014. However, the total does not reach the 6.422 votes cast in 2012 or the 9, 782 votes cast in 2009.

Author Javier Erice, was trained in the School of Arts and Crafts. Although he has never dedicated himself full-time to working as an artist he has always kept in close contact with the world of painting and photography. Erice stressed that he chose the “paper-Mache Big-Head” figure of Caravinagre “because he felt like doing it” and that he did not take into account any fashionable trends in painting but rather worked wholly from his own criteria. He underlined the fact that by choosing Caravinagre he wished to reflect his own childhood fears and, on the other hand, with the nose-thumbing gesture of the small child, he wished to create a simple manner of dealing with those situations that can terrify us.

Se puede puede ver a Javier Erice con el cartel en la mano y su reflejo en el espejo de la sala de prensa del ayuntamiento de Pamplona
Javier Erice con su obre en la rueda de prensa de presentación del cartel ganador