In the Running of the Bulls, Safety comes first

Each morning of the running of the bulls means that there are more than 100 medical professionals on standby, ready to aid in any kind of incident that might occur during the running of the bulls. There are two doctors on hand as well as twelve nurses along with twenty-one vehicle drivers, fifty first-aid workers, eight communication technicians and eight first-aid post coordinators. These are reinforced by other medical assistants from The Red Cross, The volunteer DYA medical assistance entity as well as by some firemen and members of the Navarra Health Service.

The 16 first-aid posts created for the running of the bulls are located along the fencing which lines the whole course which is 846 meters in length, with a first-aid post set up at every 53 metros. These are coordinated by the 112-SOS Navarra Center located at the Navarra Emergency Service Center. A complete deployment of forces that guarantees rapid responses and an immediate prioritizing of the gravity of the cases and the kind of medical attention needed and to ensure rapid removal to the hospital complex whenever this is required.

Photos from the 12th of July