Improv Everywhere monta un encierro en Los Ángeles para promocionar el Ford Fiesta

Through the web page of the collective Improv Everywhere we have learnt that these people have set up a “Encierro” (‘running of the bulls’) right in the middle of Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles (USA), to promote the qualities of the new Ford Fiesta and at the same time extol the Fiesta Movement while they create a few laughs. The main protagonist is Guillermo Rodríguez, one of the presenters of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on the ABC channel. In the publicity video we see how, thanks to the car, several runners escape from the sham bulls. The director and creator of the video is the founder-member of Improv Everywhere, Charlie Todd, and I would encourage everyone to have a look at it. This is the version for the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Improv Everywhere is made up of a group of pranksters from Nueva York who cause chaos and comic uproar in public places. IE started out in August 2001 through the initiative of Charlie Todd. His pranks are called missions and up to now they have created more than one hundred. They are the guys behind the world famous Frozen Gran Central where they froze the movement of some 200 people in order to watch the reaction of the wide-eyed watching public as the scene took place.  Perhaps you have already seen it… If not, it is time that you did and you can do so by clicking here. This latest video of the running of the bulls is also well done and you can watch it below. IE have a You Tube Channel which should not be missed.