The Fallas from Valencia in Sanfermin

The Fallas de Valencia Festival will this year be the festival elected to receive a special homage on the IV Jai Day, an annual sanfermin celebration created by Kukuxumusu four years ago in order to extol the virtues of the concept of a universal fiesta scene. A special “ninot” constructed in wood and at a height of more than four meters, built by the experienced falla carpenter, Vicente Tornador will be placed in the Baluarte square in Pamplona. There will also be two giant-sized paellas cooked by the chef from Valencia, Rafael Vidal, which will be distributed to the public at large, on the day. The event will take place on Sunday, the 8th of July, starting at 19:00 p.m. in the square of the Plaza del Baluarte.

Proceedings will begin at seven in the afternoon with the construction of the ” ninot,” which will be a figure of a bull and a Sanfermin runner. This figure has been designed by Kukuxumusu and the wooden figure has been constructed by Vicente Tornador in his workshop in Burriana. At the same time, the chef, Rafael Vidal, who has been given recognition for being the impulsor of a standardized recipe for the Valencian paella, will begin to cook this well-known dish of rice and meat and which will be handed out to the attending public. There will also be typical sanfermin music as well as brass band music from the Fallas. The Amstel brewery will have free samples of their beer on offer to the public.

At nine thirty in the evening, the special fireworks display will go off and the burning of the ninot – the cremà del ninot, will take place as the culminating act of the evening. This will bring Jai Day 2012 to a close. Pamplona City Hall is contributing to this event by ensuring the presence of a safety team to gaurantee that the burning of the figure will be closely controlled.