El presupuesto de Sanfermin 2012 será tres veces menor que el de 2008

For the past five successive Sanfermin fiestas, Pamplona City Hall has been tightening its fiestas budget to the point where it is spending 69% less on its cultural program. According to what we learned yesterday in a statement from the Special Assembly for the Sanfermin Culture Program, the budget for 2012 is a figure of 952.000 euro and this means a 15% cut compared to 2011 (see news item for 2011). In fact this figure is 69% lower than the 3.100.000 euro which was allotted for this purpose in 2008. That year of 2008 was a record high budget for spending on the Sanfermin cultural offer and it was the last time that the budget was increased from the previous year (10% higher than 2007).

Working with this reduced budget, Pamplona City Hall has its culture department pondering hard on finding ways to apply this reduced budget so that it will have the least impact possible on the quality of the fiestas. It was learnt yesterday that the open-air night dancing will be done away with in The Paseo Sarasate. There will also be an admission charge of one euro for the morning bull shows (which will lose a money subsidy of 68%). The site on which the Jito Alai took place last year will be auctioned out this year at its spot near the drink stands area. There will be cuts made in the number of shows in Carlos III and especially on the kiddies bull chases. The bands at the Antoniutti could be fewer this coming year. Furthermore, Pamplona City Hall will opt to increase sponsorship for the Jazzfermin, and the open-air dancing and shows at The Plaza de la Cruz – with drinks permit and the kiddie’s corner in Carlos III will also be open to sponsorship. The timetable for the shows in the plaza de los Fueros will also be extended with its offer of local bands, from 20.30 a las 22.30.