Tres imágenes compuestas conforman el plano continuo del encierro jamás rodado. Bigas Luna, sanfermin 2009

The largest TV images ever shot of the running of the bulls for 2010

At the moment the post-production editing work is being made on the audiovisual which will display the largest images ever made on the Sanfermin running of the bulls. This has been possible thanks to the linking of three movie camera footage which were shot during Sanfermin 2009 under the direction of Bigas Luna. The footage will simultaneously show some 85 meters of a stretch of the course which was filmed between Mercaderes and the corner of Estafeta Street. At the Spanish Pavilion in Shanghai at the 2010 Expo, the images will be shown on a semi-circular screen of 160 degrees. The txupinazo opening rocket was also filmed with this most up-to-date technology and this will also be included in the video.

The most striking thing about this film footage is to be able to contemplate what is happening where there are no bulls both before and after the running of the bulls. Thanks to the length of the frame we can view how the mass of runners gradually speed up their pace as the bulls get closer, and how the fallen runners react after the bulls have passed by. The evolution of the bulls through the streets in a frame which is quite different to the normal TV image also help to make the whole thing quite original. The images have been shot in high definition with the best recording quality available, similar to those from super-slow cameras, which will allow them to be shown on the giant screens in the Shanghai Pavilion.

The sounds have also been scrupulously recorded at different levels from the ground and they will be emitted at floor level in the Pavilion, creating the characteristic vibrations which will synchronize with the images of the passing bulls. The post-production editing will iron out all the details and leave the images in a perfect state for the screening at the Shanghai Expo next year. The length will depend on the final decision of the director and the editors are working on more than an hour of footage shot on the 7th and 9th of July this year. This work from Bigas Lunas will form part of an overall project for the Spanish Pavilion which also includes contributions from Isabel Coixet and Basilio Martín Patino.