El espectáculo está en la calle

Concerts, brass bands, mime, music groups, clowns, “txalapartaris,” “bongos,” traditional “jotas” songs, txistularis and gaiteros, clowns and puppets …a wide variety and large number of different kinds of shows that can be seen at any hour of the day or night and at any corner of the city. These shows all go to make up a more than ample offer of street performances that can be enjoyed in Pamplona all over the nine days of fiesta that go to make up the Sanfermines.

Some of these shows are part of the official program set up by City hall but there are many spontaneous and fringe performances given by both local performers or by foreign ones which you can come across just by taking a stroll through the streets of Pamplona and especially around the old quarter of the city.

The ample offer for today from the official program includes shows for all tastes such as Gattübi Karrikadantza, Maese Villarejo and “Los libros del colegio”, Jotas de Estella, the show “Super Bichos” The Ocenanic Orquesta, Os Fillos de Breogán and Lusquefusque, Selçe Coleiton and Traccion, Ken Zazpi, Grupo Pikante, Danza Invisible, Kaskezur and Egoitz Maya.

And for sure, with the fringe shows, there will also be lots of nice surprises to be found.

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Photos from the 11th