Jandilla, the third bull-farm with more gorings

The Jandilla Bulls, from Llerena (Badajoz), have come back again after an absence over the past few years. These bulls have accumulated a fearsome statistic of almost two gorings per appearance. Jandilla is in third place in the ranking of the bull-breeds that have caused the most gorings in the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls -27 in total- and they are fourth in the rank of causing other injuries and traumatisms -81 in total-. On their last appearance in Sanfermin (14/7/2010) the running of the Bulls registered four gorings on the 14th of July, which was the final day of the Runnings in 2010. The stretch at the entrance leading into the bullring is the most dangerous part of the course with these bulls, with a total of 9 gorings in 14 participations. The behavior of this particular bull-breed is not very different to any of the other bull-ranches but, the bulls from this breed that loose from the pack seem to be exceptionally dangerous, whether it be because one of the bulls falls behind or runs too fast ahead of the others.

Their fastest run: 2´19” 7/7/1998 22,66 km/h
Their slowest run: 5´33” 11/7/2005 9,45 km/h
Average time to cover the course: 3´23” 15,51 km/h
Average number of gorings per run: 1,92 (27/14)
Average number of traumatisms: 5,78 (81/14)
See the information about the last running of the bulls of Jandilla in Sanfermin.com 14/07/2013

Feria del Toro Trophy: 2003 y 2004.
Carriquiri Trophy: 2004, 2005 y 2009