Return the protagonist of the pile-up

In 2014, Fuente Ymbro bull-ranch, from San José del Valle (Cádiz), will take part in its tenth Running of the Bulls in Sanfermin. In its previous nine outings it accumulated a total of five gorings and forty-six other injuries from falls and bruises. It is not considered as a particularly dangerous breed in the bullrunnings, but in the bullring this breed has been awarded 8 times for its quality in the bullring, even receiving the Carriquiri, as the best fighting bull of the season in Sanfermin fiestas. This bull-breed was running last year when the gigantic pile-up of runners took place at the entrance to the arena on the 13th of July, 2013, and where the bulls proved exceptionally meek in that they did not charge or try to climb over the wall of runners. That day was the one with the largest number of injuries with a total of 21 runners suffering various traumatisms. Over the stretch of the running of the bulls this Fuente Ymbro bull breed is particularly dangerous on the Estafeta stretch where five of its gorings took place, out of a total of eight in its nine previous appearances.

Fastest running: 2´23″ 13/07/2009 22,02 km/h
Slowest running: 6´23″ 9/07/2010 8,22 km/h
Average time: 3´17″ 13,87 km/h
Average gorings: 0,5 (5 in 9 bullrunnings)
Average injuries: 5,1 (46 -21 of them at 13/7/2013 in the pile up-)
See the information about the last running of the bulls of Fuente Ymbro in 8/7/2013

Awards: Feria del Toro: 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2011 (shared with Victoriano del Río Cortés).
Carriquiri: 2006, 2008, 2010 y 2013.