11 years out of the Running of the bulls

The Adolfo Martín Bulls return once again to Sanfermin in 2014 and they will take part in the running of the Bulls for the fourth time in Pamplona. It has been eleven years since their last appearance and perhaps this current breed of bull no longer has a close relationship to those earlier bulls and the statistics which we have compiled about them. The data gathered on this particular bull-breed suggest that the bulls tend to quickly pass out the bell-oxen each time that they run. This means that the pace is very fast in Santo Domingo and at the Mercaderes stretch and then the bulls tend to slip up at the bend leading into Estafeta Street.

Participations in the running of the bulls: 1999, 2000 y 2003. (3)
Running of the bulls fastest:2´41” 11/07/2003 19,51 km/h
Running of the bulls slowest:5´12” 8/07/2000 10,09 km/h
Average time:
3´33” 14,78 km/h
Average gorings: 0,33 (1/3)
Average injuries: 7,6 (23/3)
See running of the bulls of the Adolfo Martín Sanfermin.com 11/07/2003