Daniel Ochoa de Olza, segundo en el World Press Photo 2013

Daniel Ochoa de Olza has been awarded a runner-up award at the prestigious World Press Photo awards (Observed Portraits, stories). A news report about the return to the bullfighting arena in Olivenza by Juan José Padilla inspired the exacting jury of these Awards to give the photo a runners-up spot in this esteemed competition. The photo can be seen here at the WPF.

Daniel Ochoa de Olza is one of the outstanding photographers belonging to the Associated Press agency and is well-known for his work in different areas. But he is especially remembered at Sanfermin.com for his exceptional work on the running of the bulls during Sanfermin fiestas for AP and, above all, for being winner of the Sanfermin Erotic Photo Competition of 2008 and for being one of the finalists on a number of occasions in this annual photo competition jointly organized by Kukuxumusu and Playboy.