Cientos de juerguistas en el Encierro del 15 de julio

The movimiento 15 de julio group once again celebrated this morning a new edition of this traditional “encierro de la Villavesa” or “Encierro del Día 15,” which last year celebrated its silver anniversary and this year had hundreds of people at the event. As it was a Sunday morning lots of people were ready to keep the partying going as long as possible.

The “encierro” had all its usual ingredients ; a human San Fermin human placed in his niche at Santo Domingo, the usual chants of the participants, the runners in fancy dress and wigs and the protagonist of the course of the running – Induráin and his mythical bicycle “Espada”, which was once again pushed and shoved by the large crowd. This year, due to the economic crisis perhaps, there was no blimp as in some previous editions. Nor was Charly the monkey present this year.

In any event, the “running” was celebrated with its usual foolery and laugher and there was a few voluntary falls along Estafeta, but the run could not be totally completed as there were a line of local police at the end of Estafeta Street which prevented the movimiento 15 de julio group from finishing the whole course.