Tres corredores delante de los toros del encierro en el tramo de Telefónica.

The mystery of the triplet bulls

“The Running of the Bulls is just like Russian roulette – you never know what you are going to get” acknowledges Iñaki Vergara, one of the few photographers who gets the permit pass that allows him, as they say, the right to “perch” on the wooden fencing.

Last year it was precisely pure chance that gave him one of his all-time favorite snapshots and one that won him the VI Running of the Bulls Photography Competition for qualified professionals –awarded by Pamplona City Hall. This photo captures three bulls from the Fuente Ymbro bull-ranch, lined together like three athletes as they run after three runners who are also equally caught in a direct straight line.

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Álvaro Barrientos. Sanfermin 2015.

Alvaro Barrientos gets a gold medal at the China Press Photo for a snapshot of the young heifers in San Fermin

This young heifer which leaped into the bullring on the morning of the 8th of July would never have imagined that it would feature as one of the most awarded photos of 2015. And now Álvaro Barrientos has been awarded the gold medal at the XII China International Press Photo Contest (CHIPP) for this shot of the young heifer leaping out of the pen and into the arena.

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Pedro Armestre en la inauguración de la expo "Colgados por la Pasión"

Two Sanfermin Exhibitions among the four most-visited of recent years in Pamplona

Interest in the Sanfermin fiestas is once again clearly shown from statistical data. We learn from the Pamplona City Hall Citizens Commission through its spokesperson, the councilor of culture, Maider Beloki, that according to official figures, the most-visited exhibition in Pamplona in recent years was,  Colgados de la pasión from  photographer Pedro Armestre ” with a total attendance of 11.527 visitors. This exhibition was opened in the Palacio del Condestable in Pamplona on the 2nd of July and the exhibition continued to receive daily updates of photos from Pedro Armestre taken during the fiestas.

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© REUTERS/Joseba Etxaburu. 8 julio 2015.

A Sanfermin photo from Joseba Etxaburu in the top Reuters list of 2015

A Sanfermin snapshot from photographer, Joseba Etxaburu, has made the final list for the annual photo selection from Reuters for 2015. The snapshot shows a frisky young heifer charging into the Pamplona bullring immediately after the Running of the Bulls event, for the runners to play with inside the bullring. The photo was taken on the 8th of July, 2015. That same day, the snapshot was chosen as top choice from a list of twenty-five that is made by the editor of Reuters each morning.

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Imagen de la plaza de toros de Pamplona desde el tendido obtenida con un objetivo angular que deja ver toda la plaza y todo el coso donde se preparan para las vaquillas. Realizada por Carlos Mediavilla

Carlos Mediavilla wins the Diario de Navarra and Santander Bank Photo Competition

According to the Diario de Navarra local newspaper, the snapshot entitled “Después del encierro” (After the Running of the Bulls) from Carlos Mediavilla was awarded the San Fermin 2015 Photo Competition, which is jointly organized by the Santander Bank and Diario de Navarra and chosen by a jury made up of professionals from the sectorSecond and third place went to Carlos De Cos and Ignacio Rubio respectively, from among the 900 initial entries which were scrutinized by the jury. There was a prize of 1000 euros for the winner with the runner-up getting 500 while third place received 300 euros.

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Alberto Schommer, another fervent fan of Sanfermin fiestas has passed away

Just recently, the well-known photographer, Alberto Schommer died at the age of 87. He leaves behind him an extensive body of photographs which will keep his memory alive for many years to come. Among this work, a special book of Sanfermin photos under the title “FIESTA”. Schommer has been a distinguished photographer for the past fifty years in Spain, above all achieving international acclaim for his photographic portraits. He was awarded the prestigious Premio Nacional de Fotografía in 2013 and he was a member of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Art since 1996.

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