Bad Sanfermin, haz de toro y venga a tus hermanos

The prestigious German team – The Team Big Monkey – have developed a game for Android Tablets and Cell Phones based on the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls with the name San Fermin Bull-Run Revenge. The most novel aspect of this platform is that the person who plays takes on the role of the bull. The aim of the game in this “mischievous” Sanfermin scenario is for the bull to get revenge. The firm itself is promoting the game by listing three main challenges: to attain the highest number of tosses possible, to reach the maximum distance possible, share the results with your friends and try to get into the latest news broadcasts. In the promotional video we can see in the images scenes of runners and bits of the fencing sent into orbit by the bulls – just the ones in the game, of course.

The game images are in HD and the sound has been created with care because it is a very typical Sanfermin sound but in computerized version of course. It is available at Google Play, for free. It occupies 9.8 megas, and requires version 2.3 and higher of Android. With the first 500 downloads it achieved a mark of 4, 9 out of 5. All results are exportable to the social networks and you can challenge your mates.

BullRun sanfermin
BullRun Sanfermin
Plaza de toros de Pamplona Underwater. / Google Street View

Sanfermin bajo el agua

World day for the Environment will be celebrated on the 5th of June. And to create awareness of the reality of the situation in the face of the passive attitude shown by many, the crowdfunding platform Carbon Story which works on environmental projects will allow any locations found in Google Street view to be flooded on this day. From the website WorldUnderWater you can flood whatever you like and we have wished to make our contribution by using this system and flooding the three Sanfermin locations which might attract the most attention, City Hall Square, Mercaderes Corner and the Bullring.

Plaza de toros de Pamplona Underwater. / Google Street View
Pamplona Bullring Underwater. / Google Street View

Calle Estafeta Underwater. / Google Street ViewEstafeta Street Underwater. / Google Street View

Kukuxumusu anticipated this idea with one of its famous screensavers from some years back which was entitled Underwater and which you can download here.

Underwater Kukuxumusu
Underwater Kukuxumusu
Con el Culo Al Aire, Antena 3

Encierro de Sanfermin “Con el culo al aire” de Antena 3

An adaptation of the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls was featured in the latest episode of this TV series “Con el culo al aire“ from Antena 3. Now in its third season, this episode number 8 is set in a camping site. The Spanish group in the camping site wish to show their appreciation to Hans, a Swiss hotel owner in love with Lola (Goizalde Núñez), who has offered work in his Swiss hotel to the group. In their fervor to show their appreciation and to ingratiate themselves with Hans, the proposal suggested byÁngel (Raúl Fernández), Rubén (Julián López) and Paulino (Janfri Topera) is to organize a Sanfermin Running of the Bulls in his honor “because that is what the foreigners like most about Spain”. You can watch the video here and if you really want to learn about running in the event or showing someone else how to do it, visit A quick guide to the running of the bulls.

Like any well-made TV series, it has some memorable lines and scenes. The mechanism of these “Homemade Sanfermines” consist in running between some roadwork fencing and being chased by a “bull” on a bicycle wheel. In the storyline, the trial is successfully completed but when they are ready for the real thing, they set off a rocket to start things and it is then that Lola appears on a quad with a set of stag’s horns on the front. The thing gets out of control and the Swiss man ends up wounded. The web site of this series highlight the Sanfermin aspect with a title “San Fermines locos en el camping“. Some of the best lines are familiar to regular Sanfermin bullrunning fans “The most important thing in the running of the Bulls is to warm up beforehand”, “In the bullrunning, three things are essential: a rolled-up newspaper in the hand and a pair of balls”, “In Pamplona, they call me The Kamikaze of Estafeta Street”.

amazing race sevilla

Simulación del encierro de Sanfermin en el programa The Amazing Race de la CBS

The CBS TV program –The Amazing Race All Star– recently dedicated one of its episodes to the concept of the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls. The adaptation of this event is contended by opposing couples in “Awesome Races” and it was broadcast last Sunday, at prime time, with an episode entitled “Bull Down”” which was shot in Seville in December, 2013, with an adaptation of the Sanfermin Bullrunning also being included.

The participating couples came from Switzerland and the first test that they had to confront brought them to the Hairdresser’s of Manuel Melado. There they had to shave a balloon. The second test brought them to a class of flamenco dancing and the third one was a simulated running of the Bulls. This scene explained the title of the episode, “Bull Down” and it is the scene that is used in promoting the show from CBS. The images have been shot in the downtown street of Sierpes and surroundings. The competitors had to complete a running inside large air balls with horns on them. As far as we can make out, it seems real good fun because, as well as running, competitors can also try to knock other runners down to prevent them from reaching the finishing line. In the trailer we can see how they bash each other around and it is not surprising if we remember that the winners of this competition will receive a million dollars in prize money. In this particular episode, the couple of cowboys were eliminated.

Mike The Asian

Se viste de Sanfermin para enseñar español

Mike The Asian es un neoyorkino de ascendencia koreana que habla español y que tiene más de 8.200 seguidores en su FacebookEn uno de sus videos más visitados y conocidos (más de 158.000 visitas) intenta enseñar a pronunciar español y concluye su propuesta vistiéndose de Sanfermin. Tiene todos los tópicos, pero es muy gracioso y nos hemos hecho fanes suyos. Algunas frases del vídeo se encuentran por encima del bien y del mal: “Yo nací para correr en el encierro, el toro como la naturaleza misma es peligroso, pero yo -el hombre- soy criado en la imagen de Dios. La bestia tiene cuernos pero yo, como hombre bendecido por el señor, tengo la mente para vencerle.”

El vídeo termina de la mejor manera posible: “Si vos sos de España, déjame un comentario putéandome.”

Guiño de Los Simpsons al encierro

La serie Los Simpsons ha hecho un gran guiño al encierro de Sanfermin en su últimas cabecera, la correspondiente al capítulo 16 de la temporada en curso en la Fox, la número 25. Es una tradición en la serie adaptar todas sus caretas y, esta vez, le ha tocado al encierro de Sanfermin. Cuando Homer aparca el coche en el garaje, su mujer le empuja con el suyo, y al romperse la pared aparecen en una calle que podría ser cualquiera de las del encierro de Pamplona. El toro que les persigue es en realidad un sofá con cuernos al cual le acompaña toda la manada. Inicialmente escapan a la carrera hasta que encuentran el refugio del hogar frente a la televisión como siempre. Sin embargo, el toro del comienzo atraviesa la pared y ocupa el sitio de Homer. En el mismo capítulo Hommer arbitra un partido de la selección española de fútbol y les mete un gol (aunque propiamente no es con un balón sino con un bolo de tarjetas)

Esta serie tiene una audiencia mundial increíble que además aumenta año a año con las numerosas reposiciones que ha admitido esta serie en todo las cadenas en las que se ha emitido.

¡Participa este Lunes 31 de marzo en el comienzo de los San Fermines X-Fighters!

Actualización. 31 de marzo.

Ya están montando la gente de lastlap en la plaza del Ayuntamiento de Pamplona lo que va a ser la pista de salto que van a utilizar esta mañana para la grabación de la promo del Red Bull X-Fighter del 27 de junio en Madrid.

Video made in Mikel Ollo from


March 28.

Next Monday – 31st of March – FROM DAWN TO DUSK (From 10.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m.) we will meet in the Plaza Consistorial de Pamplona (Pamplona City Hall Square) all dressed in white. If you wish to come, send us an e-mail to under the title Quiero vivir la experiencia Red Bull. The first 50 people who write us will get a place in these San Fermin Red Bull X-Fighters. Sign up now.


Happy Sanfermin #happyPamplona

While the fiesta of Sanfermin is already quite enjoyable in itself (to say the least) it has nevertheless received a “lift” with its own music video played to the rhythm of the song from Pharrel Williams thanks to the work of canal de Youtube San Fermín 2014. This video has recently been recorded on the streets of Pamplona with the backup of a wide range of citizens of many different ages and backgrounds all dressed up in Sanfermin gear. Many of the background settings are key Sanfermin locations such as Estafeta, The Bullring, City Hall or the monument to the Running of the Bulls. Many of the participants are wearing their particular Peña club colors and there are others with the Kukuxumusu T-shirt of the year and the whole thing is nice and pleasant and gets one thinking of the coming fiestas.

© Predrag Vuckovic /Red Bull Content Pool

Simulación del encierro de Sanfermin en los Red Bull X Fighters

The 2014 Red Bull X Fighters was launched in México this past weekend and a simulation of the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls formed part of the show in which some of the best motocross bikers in the world took part. Victory went to the New Zealand pilot Levi Sherwood in show which will come to Madrid next 27th of June as part of their world tour. The most spectacular event of the Red Bull X Fighters is made up of an eliminatory motorbike acrobatics championship, but there are also events which are personalized depending on the bike, the country and the place where the show is taking place. For example, in 2013, in Osaka, Ninja fighters took part. In The USA, there was a competition with jeeps and in Dubai there was a Ford Mustang racing car event. In Madrid, The Red Bull X Fighters in 2013, had a simulation of the running of the Bulls for the first time where the Bulls were the bikes and the experience was both positive and incredible, as we can see in the image of Oscar Carrrascosa from Red Bull.

Oscar Carrascosa - Red Bull Content Pool
Oscar Carrascosa – Red Bull Content Pool

And perhaps for that reason, in the first test of 2014 in Mexico they have repeated the experience. In México there was a running of the Bulls, a fire bull, bullfighters and Portuguese forcados. The show was help in the Monumental Bullring of the City of México with an attendance of 38.000 people. That show left us images such as these.

Nate Adams

Nate Adams – Red Bull Content Pool
Mathieu Rebeaud - Red Bull Content Pool. Celebración de Levi Sherwood tras la vioctoria sobre los hombros de quienes hicieron las veces de corredores de encierro
Mathieu Rebeaud – Red Bull Content Pool. Celebración de Levi Sherwood tras la vioctoria sobre los hombros de quienes hicieron las veces de corredores de encierro
Mathieu Rebeaud - Red Bull Content Pool. Celebración de Levi Sherwood tras la vioctoria sobre los hombros de quienes hicieron las veces de corredores de encierro
Mathieu Rebeaud – Red Bull Content Pool. Celebración de Levi Sherwood tras la vioctoria sobre los hombros de quienes hicieron las veces de corredores de encierro
Red Bull Content Pool. Encierro en el Red Bull X Fighters
Red Bull Content Pool. Encierro en el Red Bull X Fighters

Ronnie Renner© Predrag Vuckovic /Red Bull Content Pool