Antonio Eslava presenta sus proyectos “Ballet del encierro” y “Monumento a San Fermín”

The painter, sculptor and recording musician, Antonio Eslava proposes in his latest work to immerse oneself in the running of the bulls and to discover the feelings that moves a runner to “risk his life so recklessly”. The author considers the running of the bulls to be an “irrational act which becomes an attempt to free oneself from the tension and tedium of one`s everyday monotonous life”. By means of symbolism and music, his aim is to attempt to represent “two distinct visions of an event that both unites and separates the man and the bull”.

Moreover, Eslava defends the need for Pamplona to have a monument to San Fermín that would be “religious, festive and modern”. His proposal is an image of the saint in matt stainless steel tubes which would be illuminated with “laser beams” and hollow in its interior which would allow it to become a musical instrument at the same time.