Enjoyment, Normality and a lot of Participation sums up Sanfermin 2015

Pamplona City Hall makes it assessment of the outcome of the Sanfermin 2015 fiestas and concludes that “They have been very good fiestas with “enjoyment and normality taking precedence above all.

Joseba Asirón, Mayor of Pamplona, sums up the outcome of the fiestas in three key aspects: Inclusion, where he underlined the conviviality and the plurality; Participation, from the symbolic moment of the launching of theTxupinazo opening rocket which was less institutional than ever before, as well as the success of the farewell ceremony of the Giants and their Entourage; and Appreciation to all those whose work ensured that the fiestas would run in such a normal atmosphere.

The Mayor did not waste the opportunity to point out that there is always room for improvement in the organization of the Sanfermin fiestas as some of the events that can take place are unpredictable. Furthermore, Asirón specified that the whistling and jeering at the closing Pobre de mí event were accepted as normal as he stressed the fact that there would always be protests against the Mayor as that is the person who must bring the fiestas to a close. However, he also went on to state that there was a sector of the population that did not wish to accept the fact that Pamplona is a city with two living languages and that everyone must make an effort to respect that fact.

With regard to the sexist aggressions, Asirón made it clear that some important advances had been made and that the number of denouncements had fallen by 19% this year and that the number of arrests were 1, 656 compared to the 2, 047 of 2014.  Meanwhile, the most followed events continue to be the nightly Fireworks Displays and the parades of the Giants and their Entourage with figures of 424,000 and 180, 000 people respectively. The music performances account for 35% of the participation in the fiestas.

Some other important aspects noted this year include a reduction of 24% in the weight of broken glass and general garbage during fiestas; while there were a total of 97 food inspections made and 32 cases of noise reports; this year the impact on Twitter multiplied four-fold compared to 2014, with a total of two thousand million impacts.