Free Access to the images bank for hackers and bloggers has pinned up a part of its large bank of images from Sanfermin fiestas for free and non-commercial use. After the people behind #hacksanfermin explained the need for images that some hackers, blogguers, estudiantes and project developers might have in order to cover their assignments, it was decided to make a part of the Sanfermin images bank available to those who might need to make use of them. For the moment, some two hundred images have been pinned up which include snapshots of The Running of the Bulls, the Chupinazo and the Fiesta party scene. In order to consult them and to download the images, access may be found at Flickr de (Fiestas of Sanfermin) and to consult the Free Sanfermin Photos. Bullruns #hacksanferminFree Sanfermin Photos. Open ceremony I and II #hacksanfermin albums.

The images come from authors such as Mikel Melero, Xabier Ansó, Iban Zafra, Guillermo Navarro, Javier Martínez de La Puente ( and Manuel Corera and they are subject to a Creative Commons license. You can read the name of the author of each imagen in the photo tags.

We would sincerely hope that those who might make use of them will do so without having any commercial ends and if they do wish to commercialize an image that they would ask permission at These images will allow those who wish to reflect on the Sanfermin fiestas to use professional images and taken on specific dates and times connected with concrete events such as The Running of the Bulls and other fiesta events.

The JPG originals have been pinned up so that the exif data can be consulted which would give the users some clues about the circumstances under which each particular image was taken.