Abandonan el hospital los dos heridos graves del montón y el americano corneado en Santo Domingo

Foto: Manuel Jorge Pérez


The Navarra Hospital Complex continues to gradually vacate its patients accumulated from the running of the bulls. This morning both the young man from Vitoria, J.J.M.R and the Irishman, R.T., the two worst cases resulting from the pile-up crush on the 13th July, when they suffered severe traumatism to the thorax area and experienced asphyxia syndrome. Six days later they have recovered sufficiently to be allowed to return to their respective homes.


In addition, another runner who had given rise to one of the most dramatic gorings of Sanfermin 2013, the American, P.E., who suffered a goring in Santo Domingo on the 12th, has also been discharged, after having his spleen removed in an operation on the same day that he suffered the severe goring.



The only two remaining runners still under hospital care are the 23-year-old Australian girl, J.E., who is making favorable progress within the seriousness of her injury, after being gored to the hemithorax on the 14th July and the 35 year-old American, I.L., gored in Estafeta on the 13th.


Foto: Miguel Goñi

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