The Osasuna mascots made their debut in the Encierro

Today there have been a running of the bulls in the afternoon. The afternoon event has displayed some rather funny blue bulls. Mr. Testis and his mates from the famous Kukuxumusu bull ranch have returned once again to dazzle the kiddies and not-so-kiddies, in the traditional Txiki Running of the Bulls. This year we have seen an important novelty with the participation of two special guest runners: Rojillo and Rojilla, the mascots from Osasuna Football Club.

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Mr. Testis, doing his thing

Photo: Javier Martínez de La Puente
8th July 2014

Mr. Testis simply cannot be left alone during Sanfermin, because at the very least opportunity he gets himself into a knot, wherever he may be. Be it out on the town at all hours with glass in hand, or be it trotting on the course of the Running of the Bulls or just annoying any poor soul who crosses his path. However, if the truth be told, he is also clearly the number one favorite among the kiddies and among the grandparents.

Mr. Testis and a horse, protagonists of some of the winning Sanselfies

The Sanselfie competition now has some winners. Rebeca Sánchez Azcona, Carlos Fernández Catalán, Jacobo Silvestre Palomino, Ander Santamaría Lorea, David Medina Lázaro and Javier Fernández Rodríguez are named as the winners for this year. Congratulations to all of them!

We have received all kinds of Sanselfies: the head of a horse, selfies with Mr. Testis with lots of hugging and touching up going on, a cuckold dog, big heads, balcony bulls…but, above all, selfies which reflect a hell of a lot of partying fun.

These have been the best Sanselfies of each week:

Los toros bravos de Mr Testis repiten en el Encierro Infantil

Esta tarde a las 19:00h Mr Testis y sus hermanos vuelven a revolucionar a los más pequeños en el Encierro Infantil. El toro azul de Kukuxumusu, junto a sus hermanos bravos de camada, saldrán desde la tienda de Kukuxumusu en Mercaderes 19, y acabarán el encierro en los corralillos de la tienda de Estafeta 76.

Kukuxumusu lleva varios años ofreciendo a los niños una forma de aprender qué es un encierro y cómo se corre, a la vez que se divierten perseguidos por toros de peluche. Por supuesto, habrá cántico inicial, pastores y cohete, y muchos mini-corredores preparados para pasárselo genial.

Celebra con Mr Testis Sanfermin

Buy your Sanselfie before Sanfermin here

It seemed that it was never going to come, but this Friday, 6th of June, is finally the penultimate step in the stepladder to the fiestas. And although you may not believe it, Mr. Testis, the blue bull from Kukuxumusu is going to be seen this afternoon from 17.00 p.m. at Estafeta Street, no. 76 in Pamplona (probably with a hangover, but still, he’ll be there) in order to celebrate with the public this last step before Sanfermin fiestas take off.

Anyone who wishes can have their photos taken with him or without him. Don’t miss it, especially as Mr. Testis seems particularly docile today and so we can’t miss the opportunity…
The fun-loving bull will be at the Kukuxumusu Store located at Estafeta 76. And, as we are always considerate with our public, you can take the opportunity of taking a #SanSelfie with him and use it to enter our competition. A T-shirt from the latest Sanfermin 2014 Collection will be given away each week until next 25th of July. . Check out the competition rules here.

Chupinazo de Sanfermin con Kukuxumusu y Mister Testis en México DF

El sábado 25 se celebrará en México DF un Chupinazo singular que permitirá evocar la fiesta de Sanfermin. En la finca La Tapaíta desde la una de la tarde (horario mexicano) se unirán cuatro elementos esenciales que garantizan una fiesta como la de Sanfermin: gente con ganas de pasarlo bien, música con el grupo Liquits, Mister Testis y mucha juerga. Esta fiesta se suma al Chupinazo que otros años se había celebrado en México DF y servirá para pasarlo bien en el primero de los actos del acuerdo de colaboración entre Televisa y Kukuxumusu.

El Chupinazo contará con la participación de Mister Testis que ha aprovechado su letargo veraniego para reactivarse y viajar a México. La juerga está garantizada gracias a la colaboración del Bar la Borboleta, la finca Lienzo Charro-La Tapaíta, la actuación del grupo Liquits y Kukuxumusu. Próximamente os contaremos cómo fue este Chupinazo mexicano.


Running the Bulls with Mister Testis in Fitur

According to a statement from the Government of Navarra, on the 19th of January at 11.30 at the Navarra Stand in the Fitur Fair, a simulation of the Pamplona Bullrunning will take place. Mister Testis will be responsible for tossing some fluffy gorings to anyone who wishes to sign up for the running. Today there was a press conference held by the Navarra Government Department of Tourism and the councilor for the department, Juan Luis Sánchez de Muniáin outlined the details for the forthcoming fair along with his Managing Director of Tourism, Carlos Erce. Mr. Sanchez de Muniáin stated that the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls is one of the three key elements of the Government’s participation at the Fitur Annual Tourism Fair; “The best-known reference for Navarra outside its borders is the Sanfermin fiestas and this event will always be the tourist banner for Navarra abroad”, he stated.

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Lucinda Poole receives the 2017 Guiri of the Year Award

This North-American woman was today handed the 14º Premio Guiri del Año (‘Foreigner of the Year’). This annual award has been sponsored by Kukuxumusu ever since 2004 during Sanfermin Fiestas in recognition of the important role played by foreign visitors in the fiestas and who live the Sanfermin fiestas with passion and enthusiasm year after year.

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