Encierro y fiestas de Sanfermin, del 6 al 14 de julio de 2013

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La camiseta estrella de Kukuxumusu para Sanfermin 2011

01/07/2011. The tee shirt, with a perfect blending of a photo and a drawing, pays homage to Donan Pher, “the emperor of the ballpoint", and to the writer Ernest Hemingway


Now a typical icon of the Sanfermin fiestas, on this occasion the special Kukuxumusu tee shirt made for Sanfermin 2011 is yet again an innovative garment with a perfect blending of a photo and a drawing. Against the photographic-like background image of Pamplona City Hall, a whole crowd of personalities have been drawn in. Meanwhile at the bottom part of the drawing there is a packed crowd of partying sheep that caricature the wild party scene and the surrealism of the fiestas. As the creative director at Kukuxumusu, Mikel Urmeneta himself explains it, "it refers to the good humor and the great leveler of status that Sanfermin fiestas make of all of us, for better and for worse, where we all become equal under the same partying umbrella, just like a large flock of sheep,".

"The tee shirt pays homage to several different personalities, among them Donan Pher, "the emperor of the ballpoint", the only street seller of useful items that ever used to exist in Sanfermin" as Urmeneta explains. "He was an adventurer and an intellectual who dearly loved Pamplona and Sanfermin and who the authorities wickedly sent into the exile of the Taconera Park when they removed his stand of pens and pencils from his eternal site in Sarasate. He should never have been moved from there", states Urmeneta, who remembers this now dead street seller as one of the perennial Sanfermin characters of his own childhood and adulthood.

Among other recognizable characters in the drawing, Ernest Hemingway stands out as he takes part in the running of the bulls, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of his tragic death.

In addition, the tee shirt contains an allusion to the III Jai Day, which this year is dedicated to the New Orleans Mardi Gras. There are a couple of young women who, as tends to happen at Mardi Gras, make a quick flash with their tee shirt tops. There is a classic figure from The Giants and their entourage, the sour-faced Caravinagre, who is hitting out at a banker on one of the balconies. There is a also a dove of peace which raises its fist and on another balcony the paparazzi photographer, Lalo, is taking some snapshots of Hemingway in the running of the bulls.

Bearing in mind the general economic crisis, this year Kukuxumusu has created some "Low cost" models, within its ample Sanfermin offer, that go on sale at a very low price; 13;50 euros.

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