Encierro y fiestas de Sanfermin, del 6 al 14 de julio de 2013

Not long to go ...


Record Bullrunnings

The velocity of the bulls and the relative tranquility of the outcomes of the daily running of the bulls this year returned a certain déjà vu to Sanfermin 2010

Sanfermin 2011 had the fastest runs over the past decades. The bulls hardly charged or gored but the danger came from the speed, as shown by the EL Pilar bulls who beat a 32 year record for speed. The final total left 5 gorings and 38 treated for traumatisms.

As for the rest, the success of the kids running, with the kiddies imitating their elders; Jai Day, homaging the New Orleans Mardi Gras; or the Guiri del Año award given to John Hemingway. Finally, a nice acknowledgement for Donan Pher, street seller who died a year ago and to whom Kukuxumusu dedicated its special tee shirt.

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