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The Miura Bulls break the mould

12/07/2009. The Seville bull-ranch stretches Pamplona nerves with unfamiliar behavior not seen over the past 30 years

The Miura bull-breed, normally one of the steadiest of the bull-breeds that comes to Pamplona year after year, today created terror in this morning's running of the bulls, with everyone's mind still on the death of Daniel Jimeno during Friday's running of the bulls. According to the latest details available, there were four runners gored today, as well as another six runners admitted to emergency services with diverse injuries.

The running of the bulls this morning upset all the forecasts, since up to now, over the last 30 years, no running of the bulls ever suffered more than one goring with Miura bulls. Between 1980 and 1995 there was not one single goring from a Miura bull recorded, and since 1983, none of the runnings had ever taken more than five minutes to finish, where the normal thing was to have a fast clean run in which the runners could show off their skills with some close running in front of the horns.

It was only back in 1977 that this bull-breed had had a bad day, when a young 17-year-old runner, José Joaquín Esparza, died in the stretch leading into the ring in a tragic and bloody running of the bulls and which featured the Miura breed. However, since then, the presence of the Miura had always been predictably straight forward and relatively incident-free.

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