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  • © Javier Sesma

    © Javier Sesma

Itinerary: the route of the San Fermin´s procession

10.00 Town Hall: the city corporation sets off from the Town Hall to meet up with the ecclesiastical group who are awaiting them at the Cathedral.
10.30 San Lorenzo: the procession leaves the church bearing the image of the saint.
10.35 Intersection of San Anton and Taconera street: as the image of the saint passes by, the "Canta et Yanta" Group sing a "jota" song entitled "Quieren todos cantar" (Everyone wants to sing).
10.45 The procession enters San Lorenzo street where a "jota" is sung to the saint from a balcony.
10.55 Consejo Square, where a choral group- Santiago de la Chantrea - traditionally sing a "jota" - "Al Glorioso San Fermin"- to the saint.
11.15 San Saturnino: a halt is made at the Well of San Cernin: two children deposit roses on the pedestral of the saint. The pipe players play the Agur Jaunak.
11.20 A typical jota is interpreted by the Amigos del Arte at the beginning of the Main Street.
11.40 Main Street: a club called the Napardi traditionally sing a "Jota" from a balcony.
11.50 San Lorenzo: the figure of the saint is returned to its place in the church and mass is heard.
13.10 Main Street: the ecclessiasticals and the city corporation head back towards the Cathedral.
14.15 The "atrio" takes place at the Catherdral. Here, the Giants dance to the sound of the "Gaita" and the "Txistu" as the bells of the Cathedral ring out. This is known as the "Momentico".
14.25 The Giants dance once again in front of the Town Hall.

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