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  • © Guillermo Navarro 2009.

    © Guillermo Navarro 2009.

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    © Javier Sesma

Don't miss on San Fermin´s procession!

It is impossible to get to all the important moments of the procession in the same year. The “Momentico” is one of those moments outside the Cathedral. But there are other moments which have become special too over the years, for their singularity or importance

-One curious act that is hardly known by the general public is the moment when the figure of the saint is taken down from the alter and put on the pedestal to be carried out. Three people are needed to unblock the podium from the altar of the side chapel where the saint is kept in the church and two rails are placed on the floor to drag the saint and the podium to its position on the pedestal to be taken out for the procession.

-The "Momentico" this is the moment when the municipal corporation reaches the courtyard of the cathedral dressed in all their finery and where they meet up with the chapter from the cathedral. The figure of the saint is still in the church of San Lorenzo but that is where the procession will now head for in order to bring out the figure of the saint to the public.

-At exactly eleven forty-five, just before the figure of San Fermin is brought back to the chapel in the church of San Lorenzo for the religious celebration, Mari Cruz Corral here sings a traditional "Jota" song to the figure of the saint. Mari Cruz has been singing this "jota" each year for the past twenty-five years, during this procession of the 7th of July. For the past three years she has sung from a balcony at no. 54 in the Calle Mayor Street.

-The dance of the Giants and their entourage in the courtyard of the Cathedral after accompanying the cathedral chapter back to the Cathedral after the procession.

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