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Kids’ Bullrun

Kukuxumusu has managed to get a long-aspired event up and working in the fiestas, a children's running of the bulls. The bullrunning is starred by Mr. Testis and his fellow teddy-like bulls.

Twenty-four long years since the last children's running of the bulls took place when it was held with some young novice bulls, Kukuxumusu will host a special running for the kids with "stuffed" bulls of two meters high. The popular Mister Testis, alongside some of his fellow teddy-like bulls, will run a stretch of 200 meters - the distance that separates the two stores which Kukuxumusu has in Estafeta Street. It´s free, gratis, and you don´t need register before.

The event will contain all the classic ingredients of the original running of the bulls; a homily sung to the saint before the run begins, the presence of the pastores or "minders" with their long sticks to control the bulls; a rocket will be launched to announce the opening of the gates, and above all, there will a great fun atmosphere for all the kiddies. Pamplona City Hall has given the official go-ahead for the celebration of the event and it is open and free for all those kiddies who wish to take part in the kids' running of the bulls. You can see Sanfermin´s programme to know the exactly date & hour of the running of the kid´s.

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