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  • © Maite H. Mateo

    © Maite H. Mateo

  • © Larrion y Pimoulier

    © Larrion y Pimoulier

The "mulillas"

Following the “Mulillas” (the animals who drag out the dead bulls from the ring) as they make their way to the bullring and to have photos taken with them is a long-standing tradition and custom for both locals and for tourists

Each afternoon at 5.30 they gather in front of the Town Hall and make their way to the bullring. This event is a kind of impromptu parade, as they are lead by the local brass band of the Town Hall up to the bullring.

A stop or two is made along the way and the whole thing tends to attract a crowd. The horse-riders lead the entourage, dressed in typical seventeenth-century black capes and hats. Behind them come the mules with their colourful head-bands and bells lead by fourteen mule-drivers. These mules are used to drag off the body of each bull from the ring once they have been killed.

The spectacle could be a nice warmup to the later events inside the ring and it´s an excuse to imbibe a few drinks as there are always a couple of traditional "refreshment stops" made at the Iruña bar (Plaza del Castillo) and the Monasterio bar (Espoz y Mina 11).


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