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A footbridge just over the San Fermin niche at the running of the bulls

18/02/2009. If the preliminary plan for the sites at the Huertas de Santo Domingo or the Baluarte de Parma are given the go-ahead as they have been proposed to The City Hall, one or even two passageways will cross over the initial stretch of the running of the bulls.

There would be no better place for watching the runners sing their homily to San Fermin just before the start of the running of the bulls if the parking lot and sports center are built as planned by the architects. In the architectural plans drawn up by the Tabuenca & Leache architectural firm two lifts have been included and one of these would serve "to cover the drop that exists between Descalzos Street and the Museum Square above" and this would mean putting a walkway just over the place where the running of the bulls starts. It would be placed at just three meters from the San Fermin niche and this would an extremely attractive position for the media to get some good TV shots and would be equally attractive to photographers looking for good snapshots of the runners singing their homily to the saint just before the start of the running of the bulls.

In the simulation offered by City Hall it can be seen that the exit and entrance doors of the parking site would be located just behind where the starting rocket is sent off to start the running of the bulls. The model also shows that a walkway is planned to continue the Paseo de Ronda just behind. But it seems that this option is likely to be rejected finally as it would not allow access for the city bus service (maybe the Miuras would also get blocked off!). The report from the cultural entity - Institución Príncipe de Viana- states that other alternatives for the two planned lifts should be considered. As it is still in its preliminary plan, the architectural project will still be debated and discussed some more before the definitive approval is given by the authorities.

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