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Some positive advances for the Museum on the Running of the bulls and Sanfermin

14/04/2008. The Navarra Government is putting up eighty per cent of the money. The Pamplona City Hall is taking on the project of making use of the Firefighters premises in Aralar Street. Casa de Misericordia - The "Meca" - would allow the museum to be connected to their installations and the Fundación Museo Encierro bloc now "terminates its reason for existence."

25 million euros


The Running of the Bulls and Sanfermin Museum Project would seem to have been given the go-ahead and an expenditure of some 25 million has been estimated. The institutions implicated have now reached an agreement about the project and the financial backing so this could mean that the Sanfermin Museum may be a reality within three years or so.

The final impulse has come from the Regional Government of Navarra which, in its 2012 Navarra Plan has budgeted some twenty million euros towards covering the costs. The cost has been specifically put down to the creation of a "Running of the Bulls and Sanfermin Museum" and it points out that this money would cover 80% of the total estimate of the full cost.

One of the proposals from the Fundación Museo Encierro bloc has been accepted

The Fundación Museo Encierro bloc will continue to lend an advisory hand or two with some of the details but it now assumes that its purpose has come to an end and "its reason for existence has come to an end" as a spokesperson pointed out to

The project now supported by both the Government of Navarra and Pamplona City Hall was originally put forward ten years ago by the Fundación Museo Encierro bloc for what was at that time termed "The Running of the Bulls Thematic Center". And this project will have the Firefighters station as the central building in Aralar Street and would give aerial access to the pens and the bull ring in agreement with the Casa Misericordia Body which is responsible for the Sanfermin bullfights. The original idea was always to have the museum connected to the bullring and its outbuildings.

The size of the firefighter's station is of a smaller extension than that originally foreseen in the now-forgotten project of a "Sanfermin Museum" which was to be sited in the Rotxapea. The municipal authorities have manifested their interest in developing a virtual running of the bulls and other activities in the Thematic Center, although these ideas remain undeveloped for the moment.


As the Firefighters are still using their premises in Aralar Street and the project has not yet been developed, this center will Thematic Center will take another couple of years before it comes into being. However, the institutions implicated in the project take the view that a Running of the Bulls Museum would be very positive for Tourism and for the revitalization of the area.

More than 200 companies have manifested their support for the projects coming from the Fundación Museo Encierro and city hall statistics bear out the interest expressed by tourists and visitors year after year on all aspects of the Running of the Bulls.

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