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The 2015 bulls, more like steamrollers than ever

10 gorings and 27 other injuries is the total outcome of the Running of the bulls, that they were highlighted by the new speed record achieved by the Miura bulls and by the refusal of one of the José Escolar bulls to run the encierro

The 2015 Running of the Bulls were underscored by the speed of most of the bull-ranches. For the first time since 1998, none of the bullrunnings took longer than three minutes and, to top it all, the Miura broke the record for the fastest running on record, on the 14th. with a time of just 2 min.  5 sec. from start to finish.  

The speed of the bulls meant that most part of the mishaps and accidents suffered by the runners arose from being knocked over by the bulls rather than from being gored by the horns. With the exception of the first running of the bulls on the 7th with the Jandilla– with 3 gorings- and the day that the José Escolar  bull-ranch ran– with 4 gorings-, where these two days accounted for the greater part of the total of 10 gorings in 2015, two more than last year and the biggest number since 2007. Injuries from bruising and contusion  – although none of them were serious cases – came to a total of 27 injured runners.

Perhaps the most curious detail of all lies in the goring suffered by an Australian in the arena of the bullring on the 8th, when he received a goring –not from a bull – but rather from one of the steers who entered the arena alone and charged into the runner in the arena.  Even more surprising was to see how one of the José Escolar bulls on the morning of the 11th, refused to run ahead after leaving the pens, and the animal simply returned to the same pens which meant that a short special “short-running” had to be organized to lead the animal back down to the proper Gas pens at 10 o’clock in the morning.








The 2015 bullrunnings were the seventh ever with the most gorings (10). In 2004 there were 16.

In total there were 37 patients treated at the hospital complex, the lowest figure since 2006 (27).

The average length of time of the Running of the Bulls this year works out at 2 min. 22 sec. - the lowest average since records began, surpassing the 2 min. 28. sec of 1998.

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