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Statistics about the 2014 Sanfermin bullruns

Just in case you are planning to run some day or other in the Sanfermin 2014 Running of the Bulls and you don’t know what might be the best day, here you can find some data that might help you decide. The Miura bull-breed is the most veteran bull-ranch of the eight breeds who will run this year; The Victoriano del Río is the fastest breed of bull; The Jandilla bulls are the most dangerous, according to statistics and the Adolfo Martín bulls tend to cause the highest number of injuries.

The figures gleaned from buscaencierros de with data gathered from all the bullrunnings since 1982 offer some statistical findings that don't guarantee future outcomes but which help to confirm one kind of tendency or another down the years. Essentially, the running of the bulls is pure hit and miss and there are so many different factors that come into play so as to make it unforeseeable, but some tendencies of the different bull breeds repeat so often that they can become predictable behavior on the day, as the figures below show.

In 2014, the bull-ranch with the most experience in Sanfermin is the Miura who have now accumulated 34 participations down the years. In second place lie the Dolores Aguirre and Jandilla Bulls with a total of 14 appearances. Then come the Torrestrella with 12; the Fuente Ymbro with 9, the Victoriano del Río with 4, the Adolfo Martín with 3 and this year sees the debut of the Garcigrande bull-ranch.

In Sanfermin 2014, the fastest finishing Bulls are the Miura, with a record of 2´13" over the length of the course which was set on the 9th of July, 2006. They are followed by the Victoriano del Río with a run of 2´14". Made on the 10th of July last year and after them come the Torrestrella when they made a record run of 2min.15sec. on the 10th of July, 1997. However these record runs only occur from time to time. If we consider the average speed of all the runnings made by all the different breeds -among the participants in 2014- the fastest bull breed is the Victoriano del Río who come out with an average of 2´17" when their time is divided up between the four participations which they have had in Sanfermin.They have proved to be the fastest running bulls over the last years and they could well prove to be so again in 2014. Just 47 seconds behind at 3´04" come the Torrestrella bulls, and a bit further back come the Fuente Ymbro at 3´17".

The slowest-running average has been made by the Miura and the Dolores Aguirre at 3´36" which, while not very slow in general, it should be remembered that they have accumulated a total of 14 and 34 participations respectively. The slowest breed of those who took part in 2014 works out at 6´23" From the 9th of July, 2010 made by the Fuente Ymbro, but, on the other hand, this breed has an average speed of 3´17" over their 9 participations.

The bull-ranch which have caused the most gorings of those that will take part in 2014 is the Jandilla with a total of 27, followed by the Torrestrella with 21, the Dolores Aguirre with 14 and the Miura with 12. To appreciate the danger of the fighting bulls we can check the average number of gorings per running of the bulls and here the Jandilla show an even more alarming record with an index of 1,92 gorings per running of the bulls. Behind them come the Torrestrella with an average of 1,75 and the Dolores Aguirre with an average of 1. In the absence of the Cebaga Gago this year, we can state that two of the three most dangerous bull-breeds will be taking part in 2014.

In addition to the gorings, there are even much more injuries caused by bruising and falls etc. And here it is the Adolfo Martín which feature in first place with an average of 3,75 non-goring injuries per running (23 in 3 participations). However, in numbers, the most injuries are again caused by the Jandilla who have accumulated 81 injuries from blows and bruising ahead of the Fuente Ymbro and the Torrestrella who come behind with 46 & 45 injuries, respectively.

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