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  • © Ayuntamiento de Pamplona. Pay to park in front of train station. Ticket max 2 hours. / Hay que pagar para aparcar frente a la estación. Máximo 2 horas.

    © Ayuntamiento de Pamplona. Pay to park in front of train station. Ticket max 2 hours. / Hay que pagar para aparcar frente a la estación. Máximo 2 horas.

  • © Maite Hernandez

    © Maite Hernandez

By train

Pamplona is comfortably reached by train from both Madrid and Barcelona.

From Madrid to Pamplona

The journey from Madrid can be made on an Alvia train which takes three hours. From Madrid, from Monday to Sunday, the Alvia 601 leaves at 07.40 and the Alvia 609 leaves for Pamplona at 15.05. It is likely that Renfe, the train company, will provide extra trains for the Sanfermines so it is a good idea to check the Renfe web page.

Prices: The Internet price a one-way journey costs 51.80 euros per person in tourist class and in first-class, 79.00 euros. This latter price includes parking, free press and breakfast or snacks depending on the time. Check out the specifications of the Alvia S/120 trains in PDF. This model of train covers the route from Madrid and Barcelona. To check the Arco train model which leaves Barcelona in the afternoons, click here.

From Barcelona to Pamplona

When you are reserving your tickets bear in mind the kind of train bring used. The journey can be as short as four hours. The Alvia and Arco are the fastest models. They cover a good part of the journey on the high speed rail tracks and they can cover the distance between Barcelona and Pamplona in four hours. A round trip costs 52, 30 euro in tourist class and 69, 40 in first class (more or less). The schedule is not very intense.  Tickets can be obtained through Internet and you can check out the latest prices at

Ticket Prices: Alvia or Arco costs 52, 30 round trip in tourist class and 69, 40 in first class. The TALGO train costs 34, 10 euro and in first class, 45, 20 euro.


There exist a wide range of discounts. Although it has many restrictions, there is a possibility of getting a 60% discount if the ticket is bought 15 days in advance. There is 10% less in the final price if the ticket is a round trip one. There is a 20% discount for those with the Youth Pass card (under 26 years of age) - this card is valid in all countries around the world. There is a 40% discount for those under 14 years of age.

Little children between 0-4 years old need not pay anything if they do not occupy any seating space. Between the age of 4 and 14 they should pay for a ticket with the option of a discount. Groups of children can get up to 25% reduction (groups of between 10 and 25) but these discounts do not apply in July and August.

City bus and taxis

The railway station in Pamplona is situated outside the city, but the bus number 9 will take you to the old part the city. There are also taxis, not very expensive, but not very cheap, but there is no possibility to negotiate the price; they have taximeter. You can take them at the taxi stops or call to the 948 23 23 00.

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