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Coming by coach

Very good coach service

There are several daily coach schedules to Pamplona from Madrid, Barcelona and the south of France. From Madrid the company running the coaches is called Conda (tlfno. 948 22 10 26) and fares cost about 30 euro. An alternative option is PLM, a company which works from Logroño and which covers this route at a price around 20 euro (tlfno. 902 144 174)

From Barcelona the coach company traveling to Pamplona is called Vibasa (948 22 09 97).

There are several other special services in operation during Sanfermin. From Bayonne, Biarritz, San Juan de Luz y Hendaya there is a special exclusive service which leaves at six o'clock each evening and returns after the running of the bulls the following morning. Check the schedule and prices here. Edsa.

From other nearby cities there are also standard coach services which often intensify their offer during the fiestas. From Gasteiz-Vitoria (La Burundesa y 945 26 46 26 / 948 22 17 66),and from Donostia-San Sebastián (La Roncalesa, 948 22 20 79), from Bilbao (La Burundesa y 94 427 11 11 / 948 22 17 66), from Zaragoza (Conda y 948 22 10 26) and from Santander (La Burundesa y 948 22 17 66).

Pamplona Coach Station is located in the center of the city in Yanguas y Miranda Street. The coach station was recently rebuilt and it is new and modern and has been built underground. It is connected with the city bus service and with the train station and airport. There is a left luggage locker area which tends to get booked out early during Sanfermin. However, there is a special . Left luggage area set up during Sanfermin in San Francisco Square and run by City Hall.



There is a very good coach service between Madrid and Pamplona. The company is called Conda (948 22 10 26) and the price of the ticket is 22,82 €. The timetable from Monday to Saturday is: 8'00, 10'30, 15'00, 17'00, 19'39 and 1'30. On Freeday and Sunday there are three more services at 12'00, 14'00, 16'30, 17'30 and 21'30.

There is also a good coach service from Barcelona with a company called Vibasa(948 22 09 97). At the NORD station coaches leave at 7'30, 15'00, 15'15 and 23'00. SANTS coach station also has a service which leaves at 8'00, 15'30, 15'45 and 23'30 (there is a difference of half an hour between Nord and Sants). The journey takes a somewhat long five and a half hours.

There is usually no problem with seats as the company provides the numer of coaches needed to cover the demand. But better to book just in case - the demand during San Fermin might be high enough to cause a collapse in the structure.

There are also coach services from all the neighbouring cities such as, Bilbo-Bilbao (La Burundesa and +34 94 427 11 11 / 948 22 17 66), Donostia-San Sebastian (La Roncalesa, +34 948 22 20 79), Gasteiz-Vitoria (La Burundesa and +34 945 26 46 26 / 948 22 17 66), Zaragoza (Conda and +34 948 22 10 26) and Santander (La Burundesa and +34 948 22 17 66).

The Pamplona Coach Station is right in the center of the city, located in Yanguas y Miranda Street. The Coach Station is completely new and modern and is entirely under street level. It is linked by urban bus with both the train station and the airport. There is a left luggage booth but this is relocated during Sanfermin to San Francisco square in the old part of town. Remember that there is no subway service in Pamplona.

Luggage booth 
Consigna automática, hasta 30 kg.(1 h): 0,523214 €; Consigna automática, hasta 30 kg.(día): 5,232140 €; Consigna automática, más 30 kg. (1h) 1,046428 €; Consigna automática, más 30 kg. (día): 10,464280 €; Taquilla (precio m2): 7,848210 €;


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