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Prices for accomodation go up for the days of the Fiesta. But if money is no big problem, the best place is always a good hotel. That's what they are there for.

The best-known ones are to be found in the old part of town.

La Perla has long been associated with Hemingway. The Yoldi, near the old quarter, has long been associated with the bull-fighters and their entourage; the toreros used to go there. The Maisonave and the Europa are both to be found within the old part of town. The former has an underground parking lot. The Europa also has the famous Restaurante Europa. This hotel usually organizes somekind of exhibition connected with the Fiesta during the San Fermines. The latter hotel has one of the best restaurants in the city. Nearby is the Eslava and each of these places has all the pandemonium and atmospere of the Fiesta at their doorstep. On the periferies of the old quarter you can find the Leyre (in former times called The Orhy) The Avenida (where a foreign "Peña" -The Borussia - always stay). Tres Reyes stands out as the biggest hotel and looks onto the old quarter in all its solemn splendour.

It must be remembered that all these hotels are very close to all the action going on in the old part and if you are a light sleeper and seek some peace and quiet then it might be better to look for an hotel further out in the newer suburbs.

Suburbs like SAN JUAN-ERMITAGAÑA or ITURRAMA all have hotels of modern construction. The Ciudad de Pamplona can be found in Iturrama, which has its own particular atmosphere. Then there is the Reino de Navarra and the Sancho Ramírez which look over the Japanese park called Yamaguchi. In Ermitagaña there is a very big hotel with some 226 rooms called Iruña Park (NH) as well as the Albret which is an hotel which is easy to get to by car.

In the surrounding towns there are some good hotels which won't have put up their prices as dramatically as Pamplona and which will be a good deal quieter. The Jakue is just outside Puente la Reina, situated on The Road to Santiago ("Done Jakueko bidea" means "The Road to Santiago" in Euskera language.) At about five kilometres from Pamplona you can find the Hotel el Toro in Berrioplano. In Huarte, about seven kilometres out from Pamplona is the Don Carlos and in Villava (3 Km.) La Buhardilla.

These hotels should be booked well in advance. Many people book their rooms for the following year at the same moment as they check out after the Fiesta. There is a central booking office (Eslava 1, Tf. 948 20 65 41) where you can try to book in for any of the hotels.

Listed below are some of the hotels where you can give a needed rest to your post-partying body. We inform you about the distance between each hotel and the old part of town (plaza del Castillo) and about means of transport you can use.

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