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1. To pin up an advert, go first to Online Shop and get a code number that allows you to insert an advertisement
2. You can make your payment with PayPal (Visa, MasterCard...).
3. Once you have completed the simple payment steps, you can insert your advertisement on the noticeboard by using the code number which is sent to you by e-mail.
4. You can pin up an advertisement as often as you acquire a new code number.
5. There are have two types of ads: standard and premium. Premium Listings are graphically highlighted on the board and the three most recent are shown on the front page of

Asistencia técnica: - Kukuxumusu no se hace responsable de la relación contractual entre anunciantes y clientes de este tablón de anuncios

I accept the conditions of use does not accept any responsibility for any affiliations between advertisers and clients nor does it guarantee the veracity of any kind of offers proposed. If you are interested in letting your balcony or should you be looking for a balcony to rent with guarantees and a legal contract, visit our onlineshop for further information. Offers are Processed through Legal Registration. CINA 0093

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